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About the Magazine

The XAS Research Review is a newly started web magazine which reports the front end of the relevant topics of x-ray absorption and related phenomena. The submission of manuscript is encouraged while the editorial board ask experts to contribute highlights of research. The magazine is expected to provide the registered IXAS members the cutting-edge research, reviews, news, and correspondents.
To subscribe the magazine, one needs to log in using id and password for the IXAS registration.

The details of electronic manuscript submission is available elsewhere. The categories of the magazine are:

  • NEWS

For all categories, color image and short movies can be accepted. One of the advantage of web magazine is that one can show graphics, photo images, compute simulations, short movies and animations which are difficult to appear in scientific journals. Also the manuscript can be linked to additional information that helps the readers understanding.
The magazine is planned to be monthly, or twelve issues in one year. The earlier issues can be easily viewed.

We sincerely hope that the magazine project will be successful and appreciate your understanding and supports.

Editor in Chief
Hiroyuki Oyanagi