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The 16th International Conference on X-ray Adsorption Fine Structure
23 - 28 August 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany


Result of Final Voting for XAFS16 Site Selection

January 25, 2011

Final voting (2nd voting) for choosing the site of XAFS16 took place and as of today, all members (11) have voted. (One EC member abstained.)


The results of Final Voting are the following.

France: 4
Germany: 7

The site of XAFS16 is now determined as Germany. We appreciate all voting EC members for continuous efforts and endurance.

Message from the Chair

The voting process was planned as a two-round system where the first stage was evaluation to pick up the top two. As the results were so close the second round of voting scheme was decided by a preference survey. The results of preference survey chose the second round of voting between Germany and France. The second round of voting took place and the results were Germany: 7 and France: 4. The whole process of site selection took more than three months. It was a long painful period for both proposers and us. Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my greatest thanks to all proposers and the EC members for taking time.

During the course of voting period, all EC members learned that an open call for hosting proposal works, allowing motivated proposers to prepare excellent plans while choosing one is quite difficult. I expect, however, that there will be a number of qualified potential hosting proposals as long as community promotes and progress. The IXAS EC will make sure to give them a chance of entry in the race and will patiently review them and choose the best plan. The issue of current choosing (web voting) is temporary but I hope that the best scheme will be ready under the next chair.

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