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IXAS New Paid membership

New bylaws and transition to paid-membership society

Dear IXAS colleagues,

The executive committee of IXAS has approved important revisions to the society’s bylaws. The new bylaws can be found at : Charter and Bylaws.

The new bylaws redefine the geographical regions and establish an IXAS advisory committee besides some minor revisions.

The most significant change is to convert the society into a paid-membership society. Your membership fees will allow the society to support activities that help advance the field such as web resources and promotion of standards & criteria.

The membership fee has been set at 30 Euros for a three-year membership. The benefit that comes with an IXAS membership is above all the wonderful feeling of having contributed to a worthwhile cause. Other benefits include a discount of 50 Euros on the XAFS 2018 registration fee, as well as the right to claim membership in the IXAS. We are aware that the former is a weak incentive because conference registration fees are usually covered by the employer. However, we hope that you will make the additional effort and become an IXAS member.

The transition into paid-membership starts December 1, 2017 and will be completed by the second day of the XAFS2018 conference. IXAS members currently registered on the IXAS portal that do not pay membership fees by then will be converted into “IXAS subscriber” status.

You can become a member at: New Paid Membership Registration.

The IXAS will maintain two databases: The current IXAS portal member list and a new database with paying members. Only paying members are allowed to run for a position in the Executive Committee (EC) and to vote in EC elections. Access to the IXAS portal web pages is identical for the two databases.

Note that during the transition period there will be two independent combinations of login name and password for IXAS portal subscribers and paying members.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the EC in case of questions and suggestions. The IXAS greatly appreciates any kind of involvement.

Thank you for your support and looking forward to seeing many of you at XAFS 2018 in Krakow,

Pieter Glatzel, Matt Newville, Daniel Haskel
On behalf of the IXAS executive committee