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XAS Research Review is a semi-open access* scientific magazine which covers x-ray absorption and related phenomena published by the IXAS regularly at its official home page. The IXAS is an international scientific organization representing all those working on the fine structure associated with inner shell excitation (near edge and extended) by various probes (e.g. x-rays and electrons), and related techniques for which the data is interpreted on the same physical basis (XAS, EXAFS, XAFS, XANES, NEXAFS etc). The purpose of the web magazine is to provide IXAS members up-to-date research reports from experts for promoting and developing XAS and related disciplines. XAS Research Review will provide reports on the recent highlights, reviews, news and correspondence from facilities, which are complementary details omitted in conventional scientific journals. Articles will cover all relevant topics from state-of-the-art accelerator technology to instrumentations. We encourage all members of the IXAS to subscribe this magazine.

* Open access is limited to the registered members of the IXAS. To subscribe the magazine, one needs to log in the web.

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