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XFIT GitHub links

Aug. 29, 2017

XFIT GitHub links



The XFIT package of codes (AVERAGE, SPLINE, XFIT, GRAPH) was written in Sydney the 1990s by Dr Paul Ellis under the supervision of Prof. Hans Freeman. The package contains some useful functionality for data reduction (WSIWYG aspects) and especially for curve-fitting of EXAFS data including geometrical constraints/restraints and two-site modelling. However the code for most parts has not been supported for many years and some parts (SPLINE) cannot run on later than Windows XP service pack 1. In addition, XFIT only supports the use of FEFF4 and FEFF6.

The code is now released into the public domain through the following GitHub links. Rather than wishing for an updated version of XFIT, instead we hope that active programmers in the community will co-opt useful sections of code to incorporate the most treasured aspects of the software into their own packages.

Please let us know if you are doing so by emailing Hugh Harris ( ) with XFIT in the title. James Hester has some experience with the code and has agreed to answer some questions at .