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Policy Statement

The IXAS is aimed at promotion of scientific activities in x-ray absorption and related phenomena as an international Non Profit Organization (NPO). The two main activities of IXAS are contributing in the organization of international XAFS conferences started from the first conference at Daresbury, UK, in 1981, and developing Standards and Criteria for utilizing the XAFS technique and publishing its results.

In the former mission, it is a tradition to solicit the IXAS Awards to outstanding achievement (Outstanding Achievement Award) and promising young scientists (Young Scientist Awards). Prior to each XAFS conference, the IXAS forms the Awards Committee which carefully evaluates the nominations and during the conference solicits the awards to winners. The IXAS is responsible for XAFS conference site selection. The executive committee members are traditionally included in the international advisory board of XAFS conference which regularly gives necessary advices and suggestions to conference organizers. It is a tradition that the executive committee holds meetings during the conference to oversee the conference and select the next following conference site evaluating proposals of hosting conference. In order to reflect regional balance and attendee’s convenience, the process of conference site selection is a time-consuming process. The IXAS will set basic criterions for hosting conferences and will take enough time to evaluate proposals.

The executive committee consists of three officers (Chair, Vice and Secretary) and nine voting members (six regional and three at-large positions), in accordance with IXAS Bylaws. About half of the members are supposed to be elected to replace the old members prior to the conference. The IXAS puts an emphasis in the latter mission. Development of Standards and Criteria as well as seminars on analytical methods are needed to sustain high quality of the research and training newcomers.

The official webpage is currently, maintained by the present chair of the society in Japan. There are more than 700 registered members affiliated to the IXAS society at international level. Considering numerous numbers of researchers and proposals at synchrotron radiation facilities, we expect that this number is still a large room to grow up. In addition to the original missions, more needs to provide updated information are recognized. The IXAS has a broad range of methodology and materials spanning from fundamental theories to measurement systems, biology to physics, pure science to industrial applications. Knowledge and skills for each application and purpose are different although fundamental theories and principles are often found common. Now more and more information exchange is becoming important and the IXAS is going to start up a web magazine “XAS Research Review” which would provide cutting-edge research studies and updated information to the community, especially newcomers and researchers who work in interdisciplinary fields. The IXAS future plans for the period of 2009-2011 also renovate the official webpage. The official web, called “IXAS Portal” will provide updated high-quality information to registered members.