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IXAS Procedure for Selecting
the Location of International XAFS Conferences


(tentative document)

[Overview] [Timeline] [Criteria for Acceptable Proposals]

1. Overview

1.1.   The International Conference on X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS Conference) is held every three years under the aegis of the International X-Ray Absorption Society (IXAS).
1.2.   The IXAS Executive Committee (IXAS-EC) is responsible for circulating a Call For Proposals to host the XAFS Conference to all registered IXAS members, according the timeline in Section 2.
1.3.   Proposals for hosting the XAFS Conference (Proposals) may be submitted by any registered IXAS member. The minimum criteria for acceptable proposals are described in Section 3.
1.4.   The location of the XAFS Conference is decided by a simple majority of voting members of the IXAS-EC after all Proposals have been reviewed. Historically, selection of the location of the XAFS Conference is skewed toward rotation among geographical regions having active XAFS communities. The XAFS Conference is not required to be co-located with a synchrotron light source.
1.5.   The team of individuals and institutions responsible for organizing the XAFS Conference (Conference Organization) is expected to abide by the Memorandum of Understanding included in Section 4.

    2. Timeline

    ActionResponsible PartyGeneral TimelineXAFS16 Timeline2
    Call for Proposals IXAS-EC Chair During Conference October 1, 2009
    Submit Proposals Candidate Conference Chairs One Year After Conference September 1, 2010
    Announce Decision IXAS-EC Chair Three Months after Proposals Received December 1, 2010
    Finalize Dates of XAFS Conference Conference Chair No later than two years before conference; during preceding conference preferred, if possible No later than July 2013; during XAFS15 in summer of 2012, if possible


    3. Criteria for Acceptable Proposals

    3.1. Description of the Conference Organization

      Required in Proposal:
    • Name the Conference Chair or Co-Chairs, as applicable.
    • List any Institutions or Organizations committing resources or funds to the XAFS Conference.
    • Include if available; required no less than two years in advance of the conference:
    • Describe the structure of the Conference Organization, e.g., name the chairs of the Local Organizing Committee, Program Committee, etc., as applicable.
    • List members of the XAFS Conference International Advisory Committee. This committee shall be comprised of IXAS-EC members and other distinguished scientists invited by the Conference Organizer, and shall reflect the regional and scientific diversity of the IXAS.

    3.2. Demonstration of Community Support

      Required in Proposal:
    • Attach a Letter of Commitment from the Hosting Institution.
    • Attach current curriculum vitae for the Conference Chair or Co-Chairs, as applicable.
    • Attach at least two letters from established members of the XAFS Community supporting the proposed XAFS Conference location.
    • Describe the proposed Conference Organization’s previous experience, if any, organizing conferences.

    3.3. Suitability of Proposed Conference Venue (Venue)

      Required in Proposal:
    • Verify that these minimum requirements of the XAFS Conference are met by the Venue:
      • a conference room for plenary sessions, which accommodates at least 6003 attendees;
      • additional smaller conference rooms for parallel sessions, which accommodate at least 200 attendees each; close proximity of rooms required for parallel sessions
      • additional space for at least 200 posters, poster presenters, and sufficient room for attendees to view and discuss posters;
      • projection and PA systems appropriate for a scientific conference in all conference session rooms; and
      • one or more small break-out meeting rooms for IXAS-EC, IUCr Commission on XAFS, and related executive meetings, which accommodates at least 30 attendees.
    • Describe infrastructure and amenities available in support of hosting the XAFS Conference at the Venue, for example:
      • Proximity of airport(s) and other long-distance travel options;
      • availability and variety of local transportation, e.g., bus, taxi, metro;
      • accommodations close to the conference venue, with a range of prices available;
      • access to high speed, reliable wireless internet, cellular networks, and other communication options;
      • access to electrical outlets for charging, e.g., laptop computers;
      • transportation between the conference venue and accommodation sites, restaurants, regional attraction sites, social events sites, as applicable;
      • conference rooms climate-controlled, if available;


      1 Draft prepared by ad hoc committee of IXAS-EC: members B. Bunker, J. Cross, H. Oyanagi, B. Ravel and Z. Wu, and Extended EC Members: G. Bunker and Elisabeth Holub-Krappe.
      2 Due to procedural changes adopted during the XAFS14 conference, the timeline for selecting the XAFS16 conference location was set back approximately one year.
      3 Numbers based on 2009 XAFS 14 Conference in Camerino, Italy.