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IXAS Procedure for Selecting the Location of International XAFS Conferences

May 09, 2017


Draft summarized by the IXAS EC Subcommittee[1] chaired by B. Bunker Sept. 28, 2009

Reviewed April, 2017 by IXAS-EC

[1] B. Bunker (Subcommittee Chair), J. Cross (Secretary), H. Oyanagi (Chair), B. Rabel, Z. Wu (XAFS15 Chair), Elisabeth Holub-Krappe (Extended EC member) ,G. Bunker (Extended EC member)



The International Conference on X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS Conference) is held every three years under the aegis of the International X-Ray Absorption Society (IXAS).The IXAS Executive Committee (IXAS-EC) selects the conference site during the preceding conference.Conference location is preferentially to be determined based on rotational selection among geographical regions of active XAFS communities, with due considerations to previous conference locations. The IXAS-EC is responsible for circulating a call for Proposals for Hosting XAFS Conference (Conference Proposal) to all registered IXAS members and, if possible, to all attendants of the last conference. The call includes the bylaws and provides a timeline (see below). Candidate Conference Chairs are requested to send a Letter of Intent.The Conference Location is selected by the IXAS-EC by a majority of its voting members after all proposals have been reviewed. The Conference is not required to be at a location near a synchrotron light source.Conference Organizers will be accountable for the conference planning, accordingly with close cooperation with the IXAS-EC. The IXAS-EC is expected to extend full support to Conference Organizers in organizing scientific programs.

More detals are avilable here.