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IUCr2017 MS-051: Recent developments in XAFS spectroscopy: Theory, instrumentation and data analysis at IUCr2017

Apr. 11, 2017

Hyderabad, India will host the 24th Congress & General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography 2017 (IUCr2017) from 21 – 28 August 2017 ( MS-051 is one of the microsymposia to take place at the IUCr2017, which focuses on the recent developments in XAFS and related phenomena in three categories, i.e., theory, instrumentation and data analysis.

The aim of this meeting is to review the contemporary XAFS through the progress in the theoretical framework, experimental facilities and data analysis codes. The program is carefully arranged to cover major developments in the three categories, considering relevance to Q2XAFS2017. Special emphasis is put on the recent advances in the EXAFS and XANES theories, experimental challenges expected for diffraction-limited storage rings, common dataset formats and analysis codes of multi-dimensional large-scale data available at modern synchrotron radiation facilities.

The program will be shortly uploaded to the ixasportal web. We would like to urge researchers interested in XAFS and related phenomena to attend the meeting and participate in the discussion on the common problems and challenges together with all speakers.

Organizers: Hiroyuki Oyanagi & Konstantin Klementiev


Temporary Program 11.04.2017

EXAFS at the future diffraction limited storage ring PETRA IV 

Edmund Welter (DESY)

Novel Plasmon-Coupling Theory for XAFS and diffraction 

Christopher Thomas Chantler (University of Melbourne)

FPMS code with an interface to Electronic Structure codes 

Keisuke Hatada (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)

Creating a robust, extensible XAS data standard 

James Reginald Hester (ACNS, ANSTO)

ParSeq: parallel execution of sequential data analysis applied to XAFS

Konstantin Klementiev (MAX IV Laboratory)

XAFS, Fluorescence, XANES, RIXS, XERT data formats and coding 

Christopher Thomas Chantler (University Of Melbourne)

Scrutinizing XAFS Spectroscopy and Biocompatibility of N-doped Edge-Functionalized Graphene Oxide (Poster)

Gopal Avashthi (Central University of Gujarat)