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Crispy GUI for Quanty

Jan. 31, 2017

Marius Retegan, a scientist at the ESRF, released (via GitHub) his program Crispy that provides a graphical user interface (written in Python) for the code Quanty written by Maurits Haverkort (University of Heidelberg) to perform calculations of core-level spectra. Crispy provides a user-friendly tool to model X-ray spectra that is particularly powerful when intra-atomic electron-electron interactions strongly influence the spectral shape. Future developments will include interfaces to density functional calculations thus broadening the range of applications. Crispy has a modular design open to contributions from the user community; it runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. This software development is carried out in collaboration with a growing number of external groups. The IXAS community is invited to download the software and to calculate and contribute.


Pieter Glazel

IXAS Chair