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2014 Web Access Report

April 3, 2015

The updated statistics of the web access to the is available here (pdf). The statistics for 2014 is highlighted by the page views which reached 1,112,946 exceeding 1 million per year for the first time in December, 2014. The total over 15 months including a part of 2015 statistics gave the average number per month: page views of 91,482 and the visitors of 21,303.

The portal team would like to express their thanks to the visitors for the support of the web page and the IXAS. They also thank to the following six supporting companies, who kindly allowed the maintenance of the portal:

Quantum Detectors (

The portal team wishes to further brush up the web contents. Most importantly, contributions to XAS Research Review and tutorial materials are always welcome. Also welcome is the information on job opening and postdoctoral fellowship.

The portal team