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Photo Gallery


Advisory Board Dinner

Dale Sayers (passed in 2004) and his wife Anne

Former IXAS Chair T.K. Sham

To the right, Ed Stern, Hiroyuki Oyanagi, Dale Sayers and Britt Hedmann

To the right, Keith Hodgson, Mrs. Sayers, Andrea Di Cicco, Mrs. Stern


AT Conference

Frahm and his German colleagues

Ingolf Lindau,explaining in facility tour

Mrs. Goulon and Jean-Michel Marriot

Traditional Dance in Malmo (XAFS12)

James Penner-Harn and his wife Anne

John Evans at conference dinner

D.D. Sarma
At the 2006 IXAS awards ceremony, C. Natoli, P. Glatzel and J. Rehr, to the right.
2006 Ed Stern Prize Awards went to Calogero R. Natoli (left) and John Rehr (right)



John Rehr giving a lecture on his theory and theory code at Electrotechnical Laboratory (presently AIST) in Tsukuba, Japan

Alex Kolobov, T. Fujikawa and H. Oyanagi among audience of J. Rehr’s seminar

Britton Chance and Linda Powers working together in XAFS experiments at SSRL

Scientific tour to the Photon Factory in the International Conference on Biophysics and Synchrotron radiation in 1992 (BSR92)

Keith Hodgson in the banquet of BSR92

Steve Cramer at BSR92

Steve Heald

Lin Chen

Frank Bridges

Andrei Rogalev with his wife

Paola D'Angelo