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Procedures Overview

Conference Site Selection

The International Conference on X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS Conference) is held every three years under the aegis of the International X-Ray Absorption Society (IXAS). The IXAS Executive Committee (IXAS-EC) selects the conference site approximately four years in advance of the conference. Conference location is to be determined based on rotational selection among geographical regions of active XAFS communities, with due considerations to previous conference locations. The IXAS-EC is responsible for circulating a call for Proposals for Hosting XAFS Conference (Conference Proposal) to all registered IXAS members and attendants of the last conference. The Conference Location is selected by the IXAS-EC by a majority of its voting members after all proposals have been reviewed. The Conference is not required to be at a location near a synchrotron light source. Conference Organizers will be accountable for the conference planning, accordingly with close cooperation with the IXAS-EC. The IXAS-EC is expected to extend full support to Conference Organizers in organizing scientific programs.

EC Election

The IXAS-EC consists of twelve voting members including three officers (Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer/Secretary). The officers are elected at-large, and nine other voting members, six of whom will be elected by geographical region and three of whom will be elected at-large (Bylaws). The Vice Chair will serve for three years and then become Chair for three years. The Secretary/Treasurer and other elected members will serve for six years. Elections will be held every three years (prior to the conference) using the procedures described in the following. A Nominating Committee consisting of seven members will be appointed by the Chair. Memberships will be staggered so that approximately one half of the total membership will be chosen at each election. Newly elected members and officers will assume their offices at the Executive Committee meeting held at the International Conference. The Nominating Committee shall be guided by the recommendations of the Executive Committee regarding the scientific and geographic distribution of the society in order to achieve the most representative membership of the Executive Committee possible.
At least two names shall be nominated for each position to be elected on the electronic ballot. Members to be elected by geographical region will be pre-elected by the XAS community within the region.

IXAS Awards

Soliciting IXAS Awards is a tradition of the IXAS and a highlight of the recent XAFS Conference. There are three IXAS awards to be handed out at the ceremony in the IXAS session. The IXAS Chair forms the Awards Committee consisting of five voting members representing different scientific areas after opening a call for nominations to the Awards Committee. Nominations with cv or recommendation letters are received by the Awards Committee which selects the winners by voting.