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Register now and be part of the leading professional body IXAS internationally working to promote developments in x-ray absorption spectroscopy and related fields, providing a unique forum for our web magazine XAS Research Review on a richly varied and continually evolving field of knowledge. We believe that the IXAS is a place where anyone interested in XAS can join and find something to start enthusiasm and involvement and to develop deeper understanding of the fascinating science which is changing continuously.

Log in also activates special functions such as Find & Contact which allows message exchange among registered subscribers. You can quickly search people you want to send messages, asking for instance e-mail address etc. Message is sent to the identified person's e-mail address attached with your e-mail address, automatically. For details, see IXAS Subscribers Database after log in. This is only an example. We will provide further communication tools among the subscribers/paid-members based on your request. Join us now and enjoy the advantage and privilege.

IXAS is aimed at …

  • actively promotes XAS knowledge to professionals and external audiences, working to increase awareness importance of XAS all over the world
  • provides job information and introduces supporting programs for university-graduates and researchers at all career stages
  • builds networks of XAS researchers based on scientific and technical interests
  • enables registered subscribers to read web magazine XAS Research Review
  • enables registered subscribers to contribute articles and news to web magazine

How to register as a subscriber …

  • If you are join the IXAS as a registered subscriber go to Registration.
  • Fill in your name and affiliation as well as required detail Registration.
  • Those who have registered already in previous IXAS page or through the new IXAS web linked to this site can carry on the personal information including the ID and password.
  • Those who lost password or ID can ask the information in Forgot password? or Forgot Account ID ?.
  • Those who wish to newly register has a new ID (e-mail address) and password which can be replaced freely.
  • Registration prohibits duplicated registration efforts and incomplete ID (e-mail address) and inappropriate registration efforts may be disregarded.
  • Registration does not require membership fee and registration fee.
  • Inquiries on registration procedures can be sent to portal master (Contact form).
  • Personal information filled in upon registration is not used for other purposes than the IXAS business.
  • In order to update the information, editing the personal profile page is to be updated by individual member regularly.
  • How to edit profile of registered subscribers is found in "Show/Edit Profile" menu after log in.