Recent Trends of XAFS Conferences

Table shows the list of countries and regions of attendants for XAFS 13 (2006) and XAFS14 (2009). Comparing the participant's breakdown according to the national origin, apart from the advantage of the host nation, one can notice that the conference attendees come from more and more widely spread countries. This trend is not surprising since synchrotron radiation facilities became accessible for researchers and data analysis codes were distributed all over the world. The time scale is rather short and it is not difficult to expect that this trend will continue in the next decade. The IXAS therefore should be strengthened in their activities to meet demands from the expanding community, to further upgrade the scientific program and information exchange. Statistics of the XAFS14 attendants show that three major regions with the average 150 attendants are America (North America and South America), Asia-Oceania, Europe while another emerging region is Russia and Middle East. It is apparent that the advantage of hosting region is sensitively reflected in the statistics but three regions cover 90% and the IXAS EC may need to consider the statistics in selecting the EC members in the future.

Category Statics of XAFS13 and XAFS14