About IXAS-Facility Links & Facility Representative

The IXAS started a new forum called IXAS Facility Links (IXAS-FL) with IXAS Representatives (IXAS-FR) to strengthen the information exchange between IXAS members and light sources (facilities). It will be an interactive information exchange function through this web site, providing updated advances in synchrotron radiation facilities.

Facility Links is aimed at…

  • Circulating facility-specific information on infrastructures of research (news, highlights, job offerings, meeting announcements & reports, training courses, upgraded beamline specifications etc.)
  • Circulating IXAS information to facilities through facility representatives
  • Advising the IXAS on international meetings, including XAFS conference, from viewpoints of facilities.
  • Enhancing communication among facilities through representatives

The IXAS is responsible for fair and quick distribution of information sent from the representatives who act as correspondents. When the news and highlight information require permission of links, the representatives will advise the IXAS to ask permission.