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XAFS.ORG is a community site for x-ray absorption fine-structure (XAFS) and related spectroscopies.


XAFS is a spectroscopic technique that uses x-rays to probe the physical and chemical structure of matter at an atomic scale. XAFS is element-specific, in that x-rays are chosen to be at and above the binding energy of a particular core electronic level of a particular atomic species. Because all but the lightest elements have core-level binding energies in the x-ray regime, nearly all elements can be studied with XAFS. The emphasis has traditionally been on the heavier elements (of Z>15 or so).

An energy-tunable x-ray source is needed to measure XAFS, which typically means a synchrotron is used. Unlike diffraction-based techniques for studying atomic structure of matter, XAFS does not require a crystalline samples.

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